E86 – Treasure Cave

Treasure cave of fun news is what we discuss in this episode. Which makes the conversation in this episode a classic CHC stumble around the block.

During our conversation in this episode, we taste some “Lager Rhythm” from BlackRocks Brewery, which is the beer of the week. Check out our Untappd ratings and friend us so we can discover some of the beers you like. Follow John, Jason, and if you want Aaron.

The Treasure Cave of News:
  • We are amazed and stunned with an odd study on Lego’s traveling through the human body.
    • Subsequently, we have questions: Are these really the best kind of studies? Can the funding be used in a better way? Would you participate and for how much?
  • There are some quick changes in subject matter lead the way as we cover some smaller things.
  • Netflix is constantly spending money as they build a library of content. We discuss some of the shows currently on this streaming service.
  • Florida Man never gets old, so we talk about some recent crazy Florida news. It’s amazing this state is known by these stories.
  • A gate-crashing story and topics around that.

This is to name just a few of subject matter we retrieve from the treasure cave of news.

Final Thoughts:

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