Dumb Ass Criminals

E91 – Its Rattlesnake Season

Its Rattlesnake Season


Jason returns from his vacation day and we discuss some great ideas for places to watch movies. We compare a few different fight scenes to begin assembling an official CHC top 5 fight scenes list. (if you have any suggestions please let us know)!

Current Event – “Mob to Storm Area 51”:

Can the social media mob actually storm area 51 later this year? We talk about how people could accomplish this feat. How are they going to get in? If this is true we have to PPV this event. The problem we face is how to record it. If the date of this event is true why the weekend?

Movies ReImagined:

  • John finally watches the fight scene from They Live and gives his thoughts.
  • Best movies where people group up to take on “The Man” or Government: Braveheart, Bane in Batman, Demolition Man, and Total Recall are the top of the list.
  • Discuss the mythos of when a person becomes bigger than the actual truth. Our top 3 are Davy Crockett, Billy the Kid and Robin Hood.
  • Movie concept based off the cleaning break criminal, Jason thinks it’s a story of love and John thinks the cleaning breaks into the wrong house.

Dumb Ass Criminals:

  • We also get into a few different stories about dumb criminals that leads us to a very odd scenario for a home invasion case. These fools try to siphon gas and end up sucking sewer water in Australia.
  • In Oklahoma, they find an open bottle of whiskey, a gun, and radioactive uranium were found in a car. What the holy hell!?! Keep your tags up to date because this is what brought down this mastermind, but he did have a lifetime hunting and fishing license so the only thing he didn’t get in trouble for is the rattlesnake, but the booze, gun, uranium, and stolen car did cause some problems. It’s rattlesnake season.
  • Missouri man the is hiding from the police gave away his position by ripping a big fart.
  • A man came home to find someone broke into his home, but they didn’t take anything rather they cleaned the shit out of his house.
  • A woman has her cake and eats it too – then refuses to pay for it. Only at Walmart of course.

Beer of the week

Is from Old Nation Brewing – “Helles Lager“. We find this beer a very easy drinking and high-quality beer that is definitely #crushable and smooth. According to Old Nation Brewing, “Subtlety can’t be faked, which is why this is one of our favorite styles to make.”

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