E93 Nothing But a Bath Robe

Episode 93 Nothing But a Bath Robe

MI Beer Box provided us with a Premium Beer Box to unbox on this episode! This was awesome, we are very thankful. We were impressed with everything that was included in the box. Every box is packed full of items from Michigan Craft Breweries. If you love Michigan Craft Beer then you’ll love this subscription box. Go visit them and don’t forget to use the code listed a bit further down in the show notes.

MI Beer Box Unboxing:

  • Snowbelt Brewing Company we got a Shirt, Free Pint Coupon, and Sticker.
  • Big Buck Brewery we got a Camo Beer Koozie, 10% off a meal at their Brewery, and Sticker.
  • Beer Glass, Keychain Beer Opener, a pen from Tshirt.beer

MI Beer Box Discount for Our Listeners:

  • For the month of August, if you purchase a 3 or 6-month subscription from them and use the promo code – “CHCPOD” and you will receive 10% off your subscription.

Check MI Beer Box out on their WebsiteFacebookInstagram

Give Away Hype:

Upcoming for the entire month of August we will be partnering with MI Beer Box to run a Gleam contest where one lucky winner will get a premium MI Beer Box sent directly to them. Stay tuned to our social media for all the details and how to win.

Guest this Episode is “Repo Man” Josh:

  • We enjoy when he stops in to share his stories from the repo business.
  • A story we dubbed “Nothing But a Bath Robe” is hilarious.
  • Woman attempts to drive off the tow truck rack. Video found on his Instagram.

Follow his adventures on Instagram or search up “Repod You”.

Stories including:

  • Founders have become the first Michigan Craft Brewery to be in every state.
  • Looked up how many Craft Breweries Michigan has. 237 according to Pure Michigan.
  • Outdoor concerts in Michigan.
  • Aligator stories into Bear stories into…..
  • 2014 FBI raided a bioresearch place and discovered they are selling body parts.
  • Edward Furlong Returns as John Connor in Upcoming R-rated ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’

Beer of the week

This week we sampled “Rainmaker Ale” from StormCloud Brewing out of Frankfort Michigan. A very tasty beer that would go good with a warm summers night on the beach around a campfire.

  • John scored it a 3.25
  • Jason scored it a 3.25
  • Josh scored it a 4


This episode’s promo is for The Working Stiffs Podcast.  Give them a listen. Two blue-collar guys get together every 2 weeks to drink beer, talk about stuff, try to be funny, and maybe say something important.

Thanks again to all of you the listeners – we genuinely appreciate you following along with the show. Cheers to all of you!

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