E64 – Go for Hot Mic

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This week we welcome Rick Ryan back to the table to make up for a few weeks ago… R.I.P. 59 This time we are a go with a hot mic!

Jay shares a couple bizarre stories about Florida people:

John found a new app for collecting and finding Funko PopsStashpedia. #CHC approved.


  • Rick shares a wonderful travel story.
  • Rick and his trolling ability and responses.
  • We also had a new guest join us halfway through the show (Even though he was here the whole time) Welcome Benson Smith to the table.
  • We learn some stuff about Professional Darts.
  • Jason and Rick have been hit in the head with objects.
  • Twitter @Floridaman – Update it has been suspended.

The Beer of the week comes from the good people of Dark Horse Brewing in Marshall Michigan = “Maple 4 Elf Winter Warmer Ale”   John gave it a 2.00 and Jason gave it a 1.25 on the Untapped App.

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Thanks again to all of you the listeners – we genuinely appreciate you following along with the show. Cheers to all of you!

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