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Episode 24 – 9 Beers and a Shot (Hook it up)

    #CHC  For episode 24 we sat down with a couple different beverages for the week. 1st was the very good “Wolverine Premium Lager” from Wolverine State Brewing co. 2nd was “Classic Pilsner” from Black Rocks Brewing co. very tasty product made with Lake Superior water… Phill joined us again for the classic

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Episode 19 – Tales From An Adventurer

 This week was another really good time with a long time friend of the family. Rob Harbaugh, the wondering camera man sat down at the table and shared some damn funny stories with us. He takes some great photos, y’all should check out his stuff. We had a couple of different brews tonight. Jackhammer

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Come Along for the Ride

We will be uploading our first podcast in the next few days! We are excited to share our ramblings with you, just understand we are learning as we go. This means that things move slower then we plan, but have no fear they are moving!