On the CHC podcast, we talk about interesting news topics, current events, things we find funny, a touch of sports, tell stories, and have on a guest from time to time all while having a beer or two. Not just any beer, we sample a different Michigan Craft Beer each show and give our thoughts. You won’t find hard-hitting news, but you will find an enjoyable conversation that makes you feel like you are listening to a couple of friends. Join your hosts John and Jason as you listen to the Corner House Chronicles.

Show Hosts

My name is John I like heavy metal music, creative arguments, long walk through the woods, and a good hobo fire. I enjoy telling stories, wanna hear one? This is our podcast…

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My name is Jason I’m the newest co-host and I’ll be updating my bio shortly.

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Aaron and John started CHC with barebones equipment because of a vision. Life sometimes gets in the way and it did in this case. Aaron had to step away for a time while he deals with the hand life has given him. Aaron will be back when the time is right.

Aaron on the left and John on the right.

Currently on Sabbatical from the show:

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My name is Aaron (on the left in the picture). I’m a proud father, soon to be an educator, nerd, board game enthusiast. I enjoy spending time with family, sitting around a fire, playing games and sharing stories. Growing up I learned that I have the power, knowing is half the battle, and some messages self-destruct. I’ve experienced quite a bit of life, having worked in the newspaper industry, receptionist, real estate, video store, grocery store, fast food, retail, banker, line tech at an airport, teacher, and in the hospice area of the medical field. I was very into tech for many years, hell I was on Twitter before Evan Williams and Ashton Kutcher went on to Oprah to explain how Twitter works, I attended TedxDetroit in 2013, and I was one of the first 75 million people to join Facebook (They now have over 2 billion). These experiences have shaped and expanded my views on the world and I would like to bring them to you to enjoy.

I’m currently in my last year of college (again) to become an elementary teacher. Do to the requirements of attaining this goal and being a single dad of 3 I had to focus on these. Once I’m done earning my teaching degree I will be back.

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